Unless specifically noted otherwise, Charting the LifeCourse materials and resources available at LifeCourseTools.com are

Creative Commons License
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We used Creative Commons to license the resources and materials developed using the Charting the LifeCourse Framework, because our goal is to support as many people and their families as possible. We believe in universal access to the information, so that it can be improved upon and adapted to meet specific situations and populations. We want others who are using them to continue with this philosophy (which is one of our core principles of universal strategies and access for “the ALL”).

The Charting the LifeCourse tools, materials, and resources at LifeCourseTools.com are available for you to use, share, and customize. Since our work is licensed under Creative Commons, when you use the Charting the LifeCourse graphics, tools, educational resources, videos, powerpoints, and additional products, your work should also be licensed under the Creative Common so that it can be used and adapted by others.

Whether you are using Charting the LifeCourse resources

  • as is, with no changes
  • as is, branded with your organization’s logo, or
  • customized based on a specific criteria

we want to know how you are using them, so we can learn from you to improve our products and share them with a wider audience.  We use these examples on our website to help others think through and visualize how they can apply the Charting the LifeCourse to their own lives, jobs, practices, policies, and/or organizations and systems.

Please contact us at (800) 779-8652 or info@lifecoursetools.com before you begin developing your materials for details about how to credit us.

If you are a for profit entity, you must contact us and discuss strategies for how this work can be integrated, adapted or disseminated in a way that ensures quality, fidelity and philosophy, and contributes to the ongoing expansion and sustainability of the work.



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