Charting the LifeCourse:

Daily Life & Employment Video Series

This video series is based on the Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life and Employment Guide, which was developed by Missouri Family to Family  in partnership with the Show Me Careers project, both of which are housed at the UMKC Institute for Human Development, Missouri’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

This video series is designed to help individuals seeking employment and those who support them to think through the questions to ask, things to do, and resources that can help lead them to a job, career, volunteering, college or continuing education, and ultimately, the lives they want. This series provides questions to ask or think about, and strategies to get the answers and move closer to the desired result. It is not intended to be all inclusive, but is a starting place for youth and families to individualize it to meet their own unique needs.


The video series includes:

  • Quick Survey
  • Materials
  • 6 Modules
  • LifeCourse in Action Supplemental Videos
Before you get started

You Will Need

To follow along with the series, you will need the Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life & Employment guide, and a LifeCourse Employment Portfolio, which are available for you to download below.

Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life & Employment Guide

Graphic: Screenshot of the Charting the LifeCourse Daily Life & Employment guide

My LifeCourse Employment Portfolio

Graphic: Screenshot of My LifeCourse Employment Portfolio


The Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life & Employment Video Series is a six-module series that walks viewers through the major sections of the guide. The total time it will take to complete all six modules is 54 minutes, 4 seconds.

After you have downloaded the materials you will need, start by clicking on the first module to get started.

Real life examples of people using the LifeCourse for Employment

LifeCourse in Action

The LifeCourse in Action videos are supplemental in the series and were designed to provide individuals and families, as well as professionals, real life examples of how the LifeCourse materials are being used to help people build visions for employment and take steps to achieve their goals related to employment.

Hear from Jane, Ben’s mom, who shares how their family used the One-page Profile, Life Trajectory, and Integrated Star to help them think about employment for Ben.


Listen to Molly and Jill, employment professionals, who share how she has used the Daily Life & Employment guide in their work connecting individuals to employment possibilities.


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