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We are collecting examples of how the LifeCourse has been used across the country at various levels to show how it has developed over time and to provide examples for other people to use in their lives and work! We may contact you when we receive your example to follow up or for more information.

Please complete the form below to submit your example of how you have implemented the LifeCourse tools or framework in your daily life, professional role, or organizational activities and strategy.

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3. What Charting the Life Course tools have you been using (i.e. STAR, Trajectory)? (required)

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Charting the LifeCourse: Experiences and Questions BookletLife Trajectory WorksheetTool for Developing a VisionLife PossibilitiesIntegrated Supports Star WorksheetIntegrated Support OptionsLong Term Service and Support Needs TemplateLifeCourse PortfolioOther - Please Specify:

4. What is the purpose/goal that you are hoping to meet through using the Charting the Life Course tools? (required)

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6. What was the process you used to make using the LifeCourse a success?

(For example, did you use it to guide your thinking; did you use it to take notes as you had conversations with the focus person; did you use the actual tool with the person; was there something unique about the way you used this tool?) (required)

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